Finding the right people for the right job: top tips

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It’s a tough time in recruitment – there’s no way around it. From an oversaturated jobs market to a dreaded skills shortage, filling roles has been undoubtedly challenging in 2022.

In fact, for some, getting the right people into the right roles has seemed like an almost impossible mission. So, how do you make sure you’re hitting the nail on the head and attracting the right people to your business?

Top Tips

1️⃣ Be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for. It’s easy to list all the attributes of the ‘perfect’ candidate, but, in this tough market, that’s not always easy to find. Instead, think about the skills the applicant actually needs to fulfil this role – it might be simpler than you think. Everything else is a bonus.

2️⃣ Be open about the process. Let candidates know the recruitment set-up from the beginning, so they’re aware about whether they’ll need to do several interviews, or even undertake mini projects before they get an offer. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the shorter you keep the application process, the more likely you will receive applications. Lengthy application forms or pre-interview tests are never enticing.

3️⃣ Practice what you preach. Right now, candidates can have the pick of crop, so to speak. Simply stating that you are an ‘ethical/supportive/open-minded’ business isn’t enough anymore. You need to back this up with action, by demonstrating to the candidate how you will support them in their role beyond financial incentive. After all, when you meet a candidate, you’re as much on trial as they are!

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