Recruitment in a post-pandemic world

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It’s no secret that recruiting staff in the first quarter of 2022 hasn’t been easy; with vacancy numbers hitting record highs¹, many businesses are struggling to fill posts across the UK.

In fact, between October and December 2021, open vacancies in the UK were 109% higher year-on-year - signs that employer confidence is growing despite ever-fragile and changing economic conditions.

Here in the south-west, we’re seeing a similar picture. Job openings are on a steady rise, which, though great for candidates looking for new challenges and opportunities, often means recruiters face more competition to attract the right people for the right roles.

A New World

This is a new world for some businesses who may have, in the past, never struggled with recruitment before. However, many are now being forced to look at what they’re offering potential candidates, from increasing salary budgets to offering better staff incentives upon employment.

For others, retention is the problem. Around one in four employers say they’re struggling to hold onto staff in 2022, hindering their ability to meet targets and grow as the year progresses².

This is no surprise in an abundant job market, where changing attitudes in a post-Covid world have also resulted in many people seeking new adventures, starting up their own hustles or re-evaluating their work-life balance.

For business, though, this current employment environment can be detrimental to success; after all, you’re only as good as your workforce. Having a strong and reliable team with the right skills is what every business needs to continue to grow and hit key milestones.

So, how do you tackle these big issues and get the right people into your business (who are going to stay)?

If you’ve already begun a recruitment campaign and you’re not getting anywhere, review what you’re offering. Is the salary competitive with similar roles in your industry? Do your incentives reflect what people are looking for in a job today? Do you offer the Real Living Wage?

Some staff may want a hybrid work scheme, where they can spend some of the week working from home (which isn’t a bad thing – it means you no longer have to rely on location, with a wider pool of candidates to choose from than ever before). Others want a focus on employee wellbeing, while training has also become increasingly important, with candidates keen to see progression opportunities.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re not sure where to start, or you don’t have a hiring specialist on your team, handing over to a professional recruiter can go a long way to reaching the people you need for your business.

And, here at TalentTide, we could be just what you’re looking for.

We know that the key to good performance is driven by good people, which is why our approach is totally personalised to your needs. From our outstanding knowledge of the finance, tech and people management sectors, to our extensive overview of the south-west jobs market, our team provides an innovative and market-leading service to each and every client and candidate alike.

Plus, our income generation gets redistributed into the Cornish community, helping to support a better economy; putting money back into projects, investing in local businesses and helping candidates land jobs. It’s all about putting people first.

That’s why our team builds valuable, long-lasting relationships that deliver for our clients time and time again.


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2. The Office for National Statistics (ONS), Business Insights and Conditions Survey (wave 46)

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