Why use a specialist recruitment agency? 10 great benefits for businesses

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Why use a Recruitment Agency? It is a fair question: “As an employer, do I really need a recruitment agency or could I simply get my own people to carry out the work?”

At TalentTide, we believe there are many important benefits of using a recruitment agency that you should stop and consider before making this all-important decision.

Below, we have highlighted our top 10.

1. Access to top quality candidates

Recruitment agencies will already have a large pool of talent that they can draw on to select the candidates which offer the closest match to your brief. These people will have been pre-screened and vetted by the agency, together with the appropriate background references. This will help to get your search off to the best start.

Another important point to consider is that many of the best quality candidates will not be job-hunting at the current time because they are happy with their existing company. So no amount of advertising by your business is likely to reach them. However, there is nothing to stop an experienced recruiter making a tactful approach on your behalf. An outstanding opportunity could tempt them to open up a dialogue with your business.

2. Best use of your time

It is often the case that someone leaves the business at short notice and you need to source a replacement as quickly as possible in order to keep important projects on track. Using a recruitment agency will offer you much quicker results than managing the whole process in-house.

As a senior business leader, your most valuable commodity is your time. If you handle recruitment in-house, you are likely to be faced with the task of sifting through many letters of application and CVs in order to get to a shortlist of candidates.

Working with a recruitment agency removes all of this legwork, allowing you to focus your time on the decisions that really matter.

This means that your day to day productivity is not adversely affected.

3. Return on investment

Business guru David Ogilvy famously said: “If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.”

This is why recruitment is such a pivotal area for your business. A good recruitment agency will be able to identify the people who have the potential to succeed in your business in the longer term and help your business to grow.

The longer you work with your recruitment partner, the greater will be their understanding of the particular types of candidate that are perfect for your business, helping to improve your return on investment in hiring new staff.

4.. Advertising and marketing

Recruitment agencies have a range of sophisticated ways to publicise your job opportunity, many of which are simply not available to most employers. Email campaigns to a GDPR-compliant database of candidates, postings on national job boards for which recruitment agencies get preferential rates, targeted LinkedIn campaigns using specialist recruitment software, the list goes on.

Moreover, recruitment agencies know how to create a compelling ‘value proposition’ to market your opportunity to the right candidates and generate a more effective response: quality not quantity.

5. Specialist knowledge of your sector

All of the above is underpinned by a depth of expertise that comes from working full time as recruitment specialists, and constantly studying the dynamics of your particular sector.

The agency will understand what the current trends are in salaries and other benefits, and the strategies that your competitors are implementing in order to try to attract the best talent.

6. Negotiation and relationship building

Recruitment agencies perform an incredibly useful role as an intermediary. They can help ensure that candidates are full briefed and prepared before they meet with you, so that you get maximum value from the interview process.

They can also help with sensitive issues such as salary negotiation, by managing expectations from both parties and identifying an agreeable solution.

7. Legal expertise

Employment law is a complex area and one that also impacts on the recruitment process. For example, diversity in the workplace is a hot legal topic at the moment.

Recruitment agencies have access to the best legal advice so that they can help their clients navigate this challenging field.

8. Interim professionals

Some exceptionally talented professionals prefer moving from one interim assignment to the next, rather than opting for a permanent position with one employer. Recruitment agencies can help give you access to this modern breed of executive, one that plays an important role in areas such as IT and commercial management.

Interim executives are experts at hitting the ground running and delivering at pace against challenging KPIs. They can also be a valuable way of introducing new thinking and new skills into your business.

9. Objectivity

We have all heard the old adage that businesses tend to recruit in their own image. It is natural to lean towards the candidate that you feel most comfortable with and that has a similar outlook to your own. However, that may not be the best route for the future growth and development of your business.

A good recruiter can bring an added level of objectivity to the process and can point out the strengths and long term potential of specific candidates that might otherwise be overlooked.

10. Confidentiality

There can be many reasons why you may not want your staff, your customers, and especially your competitors to know that you are recruiting for an important role in your business.
Working through recruitment agencies gives you the opportunity to keep most of the process ‘under the radar’ until your business is ready to go public.

We hope we have convinced you that there are many powerful arguments in favour of using a recruitment agency.

But of course, all this assumes that you select the right recruitment agency, and one that will take time to understand the particular needs of the business.

Speak to the expert, professional team at TalentTide and let us explain how we can deliver these important benefits for your company.

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